Topic 5: Reflective Summary


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Be it in which industry, content producers will always contemplate the same issue in their minds: Should I let my work be accessible to all? There is no right or wrong answer in this scenario as there will always be two sides to the picture. But it boils down to whether users abuse the system that leads to further arguments on whether materials should be made online freely.

In Wanni’s blog, she related this topic to the previous topic on ethics, which I personally find is a point that is easily overlooked. Before people commit piracy or plagiarism, it is a personal judgement on whether it is ethical to do so, or rather whether it is right or wrong. Hence I understood why schools and companies usually stress the importance of citing and referencing to ensure due respect and credit is given to them for the work they have produced.

Li Ting touched on a severe topic of plagiarism, which is a major reason why content producers are not willing to go “open”. The example of ZARA she gave clearly reflects how plagiarism can happen on anyone, or plagiarism can be done by anyone. This is a huge threat for smaller companies or people where large companies (like ZARA) can defend themselves easily for the work they have ripped through their power and wealth of hiring lawyers to prove their innocence when they are caught. This article by Plagiarism Today is a good example of how anyone can plagiarize.

In my opinion after reading both blogs and gaining better insight, open access does have its perks and cons. But to me, with the growth of technology, it is easier for people to catch plagiarism, piracy etc. Hence, content producers can rest their mind if people wants to rip their work.

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