Topic 4: Reflective Summary

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Everyone will go through an ethical dilemma between an apparent mental conflict moral imperatives before they reach a decision to be ethical or not in that specific issue. As much as social media has its perks for being engaging, interactive and easily accessible any where, the downfalls of it can be severe, leading to unethical methods through educational or business usage.

My knowledge of unethical usage has widen by reading a variety of blogs from my classmates that includes privacy, user generated content (UGC), influencer marketing etc. These are common issues with regards to social media that is consistently overlooked due to people “looking at the bright side of things”.

Even though i am aware of influencer marketing in this society, I had a better insight of it after reading Wan Sia’s blog. I like how she mentioned about consumers making decisions due to emotions and the trust of digital influencers to make decisions. I had a personal experience of buying an eyeliner because Xiaxue, the top Singaporean blogger raved about it. Hence, I could fully relate when she mentioned that.

Klarissa took a unique twist to her blog by discussing about a topic that is uncommon – User Generated Content. I like how she gave two sides of her views to the topic and ultimately making her stand on it. After reading her blog, I understood why it was significant and how it leverages on consumers with some gain of insight as well.

In my opinion, as much as it is tempting for companies to go the underhand way, they must be reminded of the consequences if their customers finds out about it, affecting their trust and impression of the company, leading to a decrease in customers. Customers are every companies survival mode, hence, the companies should weigh the value of being ethical and unethical.

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