Topic 3: Reflective Summary

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(Source: Krishna De)

No one ever imagined that technology would take over the world, much less the way individual’s hunt for jobs or showcase themselves to score an interview. This topic has been quite challenging in a sense that it is very diverse in terms of how we interpret the question – should we concentrate on tips to develop a good online professional profile or the ways we can use to develop it?

I’ve noticed that many of my peers has came up with the valid point of blogging and social media platforms, including myself. However, blogging and social media platforms are just one of the few ways to go about doing it, and we should not stop exploring different methods of developing a good online professional profile.

Sher Ying brought up the consequences of lying and faking information using a chart to reflect Singapore employers not consider hiring employees once they find evidence of false information about you online. Walden gave a valid example of Justine Sacco, emphasizing how much power the social media has, over our interest for attention. Through both blog posts, I understood the importance of being authentic to one self as you will never know who is “watching” you, both online and offline.

In my personal opinion, I felt I could have improved by stating more tips on how to develop an online professional profile through each methods I have listed out. In addition, it got me thinking – Just because we are afraid of how people react to what we post online, are we only able to post what is appropriate rather than what we feel? Does this cause us to lose our authenticity when we build our online professional profile?

Nevertheless, as the internet is a diverse place, we must always be careful of the choice of words we choose lest to offend any individuals.

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