Topic 3: Take Your Digital Professional Profile A Notch Up!


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As the gloom of entering a sluggish economy looms on the horizon for job seekers, it is crucial to be conspicuous amidst their fellow job seekers. Nowadays, the advancement of technologies turns the trend to digital professional profiles instead of hard copy resumes. So what are the ways to develop a digital professional profile?

Social Media Platforms

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“A recent SHRM study found that 84 percent of organizations are now recruiting on social media; only 56 percent of companies were hiring on social media in 2011.” –

Professional social media networks present new opportunities to actively leverage an individual’s personal viability in the global community where they can sell their career story, creating a way to advertise through personal branding. Privatizing and controlling what you post on your personal social media networks helps with reputation and identity when organizations “check you out” as well.

The basis to start professionally would be by providing authentic information such as profile picture, real name etc. Check out an article by Business Insider on people who were publicly shamed for lying on their resume to understand why authenticity is key.

Professional Blog

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Surprisingly, the usage of professional blogs is comparably lesser than other giant social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Here are ways a professional blog helps develop your authenticity:

  • Write creatively that is well-supported and accurate as it is more than a resume.
  • Leave positive digital footprint of yourself, both personally and professionally.
  • Build network that might be your future connections through post discussions.
  • Write interesting discussion topics that keeps the readers engage in your field of industry.

On the flip side, blog post context can be done with the help of other people, decreasing the credibility of the words written on the blog.

Video Resume

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“The primary reason why employers would value video resumes is the ability to assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor (52%).”

The key to developing a good video resume is the creativity of the content that keeps the attention of the organization to complete your video. Do not just read out your resume but instead, find ways to present your authentic self to the organization to build your profile. Here is a Youtube video link on an example of a video resume.

On the contrary, video resumes might cause discrimination for looks and appearance, which might cause a loss of job opportunity.

Which way would you choose to develop your digital professional profile?

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2 thoughts on “Topic 3: Take Your Digital Professional Profile A Notch Up!

  1. Hey Beatrice, I find your blog post to be insightful and well informative and I think it will be of great help to the your readers with their future prospective. Thanks for providing me with a great read!

    I agree with your view about the trend of job seekers turning to online resumes to build their own portfolio in order to stand out among the rest. Among the many ways of building your professional digital profile, which way do you think is of the most important? Why?
    You mentioned about video resumes being preferred by the employers. It is said that video resumes are the better chance an individual can get to impress their employer. Do you have any tips of a good video resume?


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