Topic 2: Reflective Summary

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To be completely honest, there will always be a constant debate on whether online identity should reflect authenticity or anonymity. Whether to stay authentic or be anonymous, the most crucial focus would be for every one to play their part to keep the internet a safe place against internet threats like cyber-bullying, phishing and identity theft, which are majorly on the rise in the current era due to the advancement of technology.

After reading a couple of blog posts on this matter, it is quite evident that a number of people are on the side of having more than one online identity for the main reason of keeping their professional and personal lives separate. As emphasized at most workplaces, employees are to keep their careers and personal lives independently. This is to ensure boundary lines are not blurred and actions or consequences of your personal lives does not affect your career path.

As Jef mentioned, I agree with him on the point that having multiple online identities depends on an individual’s motives and preferences. One should weigh the pros and cons in order to determine which one of the two is more beneficial rather than diving straight into either extremes. Coupled with Huijuan words, at the end of the day, everyone wants privacy, but at the same time, also values transparency and credibility. Ultimately, based on both of their stands, it boils down to the preference of how the individual wants to portray their online identity. From this, i gained further insight and understanding of the topic through the stand and examples they have listed out.

In conclusion, the choice of having more than one online identity is up to each individual’s lifestyle and personality (introvert or extrovert) as long as it does more good than harm.

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