Topic 1: Reflective Summary


(Picture credit by me)

The top picture was taken by me in Thailand this year during May at Artbox with my brother and friends! Amazing place and set up, super hipster and artsy with a live band that my brother fell in love with (he loves music that’s why). Perfectly describes me being a visitor in reality, but the same concept can be applied virtually/digitally as well… you get the drift!

I hopped onto Dayna’s and Hazel’s blog to comment and see what they have written about this topic and boy oh boy we can all raise our hands to the words “digital resident”. I guess all of us were equally attracted to the online community and our social media platforms. Technology has really increase its game and took a notch up since the last era, making us hooked to the cyber world.

The first thought after reading Dayna’s post would be “Oh my gosh i forgot to add images to spice up my blog!!”. Hence, I love the inclusion of an image of her Instagram page to reflect how much of a resident she is in the online society. She also took the effort to give her own interpretation of the topic before throwing out definitions found on google. Definitely some things i can learn from her – adding my own personal touch!

Hazel’s post was definitely as insightful as Dayna’s, boosting my knowledge of the topic well with her detailed explanation on ‘digital visitors’ and ‘digital residents’.  I also love how she already included her social media platforms in the website so people are able to access it easily (which makes the stalking game easier too) haha i’m just kidding.

Looking forward to the next discussion topic already! Till the next one, x.

With love, Beatrice

(Word count: 297)


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