Topic 1: Hello! // Digital Visitors VS Digital Residents


It feels weird yet exciting to be back blogging again, since i’ve blogged on and off in the past about my own personal life. But now i’m back due to my module which was the last thing i expected! I was on team blogger instead of team wordpress so i’m still getting used to the system and layout here haha. Nonetheless, hope you guys will enjoy the posts up ahead! xx

When i first think about visitors and residents, the idea that hits me would be people “passing by” and people “staying”. The concept is exactly like a tourist who visits another country (visitor) and the citizens living in the country (residents), except this is translated online! Hence why it’s called digital visitors and digital residents.

Apparently according to the research i have done, this is a summary of what i have digged out in point form:


  • Visitors are unlikely to have any form of persistent profile online which projects their identity into the digital space.
  • They have defined a goal or task and go online to which they use to attain their goal.
  • They are sceptical of services that offer them the ability to put their identity online as don’t feel the need to express themselves by participating in online culture.


  • The resident is an individual who lives a percentage of their life online.
  • These are people who have an persona online which they regularly maintain. This persona is normally primarily in a social networking sites.
  • To Residents, the Web is a place to express opinions, a place in which relationships can be formed and extended and are likely to consider that they ‘belong’ to a community which is located in the virtual.

Personally, i am a 100% a digital resident in the online community. I have a handful of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to keep up with my friends. I love sharing and posting bits and pieces of my life with friends so it feels as if they are still part of my life exploring with me. And as much as adults love to nag by saying putting yourself on the internet is not safe, i definitely have an online persona and is active on all medias (just not as much on Facebook).

From my perspective, it is absolutely fine to have an online persona or have social networking sites to stay connected to your friends as long as you know where to draw the line. Remember to stay grounded to reality and have sufficient face to face interaction while getting too swallowed into the virtual world till it becomes an addiction. I hope my post has given you a better insight and till the next one!!

With love, Beatrice

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4 thoughts on “Topic 1: Hello! // Digital Visitors VS Digital Residents

  1. Hey Beatrice!

    Insightful Post! I enjoy reading and really love how you summarised the different characteristics and distinctive pointers of a digital resident and digital visitor. It makes learning much easier and relevant here! Glad that you are very sure of your own identity as a digital ‘Resident’ based on the behaviour you portray! I am definitely also a resident because I enjoy sharing about my personal life through social media platforms especially on Instagram and Snapchat. Nonetheless, I also agree with you on how we should not neglect the face-face interaction with friends even if we are very active online. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Hi Beatrice, great post you have there! It’s really clear and easy to understand with the summarised points and I particularly like the analogy you used to differentiate between a digital visitor and a tourist.

    Your sharing gave me a different perspective and an opportunity to get to know digital residents better, as unlike you, I’m more of a digital visitor. At times, I find it tiring and even a hassle to update my social media constantly. I also fear the judgments that people might form of me through the things I post online, especially to those who do not know me well. However, after reading your blog, I realised that it isn’t exactly bad to express oneself openly, as it is another way of connecting with your friends and families.

    Not only did you talk about the pros of being a digital resident, you also gave warnings to your readers to not be at the extreme end of the spectrum and devoting all of their time to the virtual world. Here’s a little suggestion of mine you may consider, that is to include a little more discussion about being a visitor so that people like me who are in this category can better relate to your post.

    Thank you for sharing ◕‿◕


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